We unlock growth for financial institutions and prosperity for their millions of clients through our nextgen wealth and trading platform

Why Alpheya

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Agile innovation meets institutional maturity

Backed by BNY Mellon and Lunate, with USD 300 million in committed funding to build MENA’s first wealthtech platform

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Built in the region, for the region

Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, Arabic-native and Shariah-embedded, our platform is designed for businesses just like yours

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Comprehensive platform for your business

Alpheya serves all your channels, segments (retail, high net worth), and business models (discretionary, advisory, self-directed), with a configurable holistic platform revolutionizing the way wealth management is delivered

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The global financial marketplace, at your fingertips

Empowering investment professionals with access to global and local markets, diverse asset classes, and world-leading research from anywhere

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AI-first and future proof

Built in the cloud, with AI at its core, Alpheya’s platform is easy to integrate with and built to empower innovation and agility for your business

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API first, persona-driven, and highly configurable, Alpheya delivers a Hyper-personalized experience to all users while also enabling you to build your own custom journeys

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Global team of leading practitioners

Leadership team of wealthtech experts from leading financial institutions globally, with decades of experience running and building wealth management and wealthtech businesses

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Built to deliver business outcomes

Built to deliver the tangible business objectives you are after – capture more clients, grow share of wallet, reduce client attrition, and improve advisor productivity

Our Clients


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Family Offices

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Pensions and Endowments

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Asset Managers

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Independent Advisors

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Super Apps

Business models

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Robo Advisory

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Our Solutions

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Digital Client Experience

For End Clients

  • Hyper-personalized web and mobile apps, tailored to MENA region
  • Digital client engagement and account information access
  • Digital onboarding
  • Self-directed trading
  • Robo-advisory with automatic portfolio rebalancing
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Wealth Relationship Management

For Relationship Managers

  • Wealth CRM
  • Client 360, Account 360, and Portfolio 360 insights
  • Tasks and workflow management
  • AI-powered client opportunities
  • Client acquisition and prospect management
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Portfolio Management and Execution

For Advisors

  • Financial planning and risk assessment
  • Discretionary portfolio management and advisory
  • Portfolio analysis, stress testing, and simulation
  • Single and multi-order execution
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AI Copilot

  • Knowledge assistant
  • AI-powered insights, opportunities, and next best action
  • Personalized client communication
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Financial Marketplace

  • Breadth of global asset classes
  • Pre-built integrations with leading funds and alternatives product platforms
  • Curated news, market data, and research
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Digital Reporting and Analytics

  • Client retention and growth analytics
  • Performance reporting and attribution analysis
  • Metrics and KPI reporting

Our Technology

Modern and flexible tech stack

Cloud-native architecture

Distributed database

Stateless servers

Distributed deployment

AI operating system

Secure and seamless integration

Proprietary wealth data model

Personally Identifiable Information masking via tokenization

API catalog and connectors

Dedicated integration teams

Out-of-the-box connectivity to product and data platforms

Ongoing support and upgrades

In region support

Continuous enhancements and releases